The Overlook League Rules, Structure, and Scoring

Tee Assignments/Matches

  • Blue Tees: Pebble Beach (MNL), Overlook (WNL)
  • White Tees: All other divisions
  • Gold Tees: 65 or older (1 point higher adjustment from white tees)
  • Red/Forward Tees: Women and Seniors 75 years of age or more
  • You can choose the tees you prefer (based on age) at the beginning of each section, no switching once the section or half begins.
  • Ball is played as a preferred lie in your own fairway (1 club length)

Course Rules

  • No Coolers allowed.
  • Golf appropriate shirts, shorts, and shoes.
  • The cost for league includes your nine-hole fee from 3:30 on.
  • There is an additional cost of $11 to play from 1:30 to 3:30. (regular green fee before 1).
  • Cart fee per rider from 1 to 3:30 is $20.00. ($11 early fee is waived after 3:30PM)
  • Cart fee per rider after 3:30 is $15.00.
  • 2 Riders only per electric cart. Separate Fee per person applies.
  • No practicing on the course.
  • Please repair ball marks and replace divots.
  • No jumping around and cutting in front of golfers.

Pace of Play

The pace of play during league rounds should be 2.5 hours or less. Teams that repeatedly play at more than a 2.5 hour pace will have 2 points deducted from their overall standings each week they are behind.


The basic format for the league is a 2-player team point quota. The league capacity is 128 players; with 8 divisions of 16 players. Each match is essentially three matches in one, with points earned for individual and team performance.


The 3-week single elimination playoff format includes all teams, with teams ranked based on cumulative points from all the matches during the regular season. The scramble/banquet is scheduled after the playoffs.


  • The team maximum amount of points for any match is 3 points + bonus points earned.
  • Weekly adjustments are made to the player’s established quota based on performance.

No Shows

Teams must have two players in order to earn the maximum 3 match points. Substitutes from The Overlook’s 3 shotgun leagues are eligible to substitute.

Approved Substitute List

Eligible substitutes must be Overlook Shotgun League Players or Friel Golf employees with a valid GHIN handicap. Substitutes are not eligible for bonus points but are eligible for the playoffs.

Rain Policy

If inclement weather is forecast, the league may be cancelled by 3:30 that afternoon. Matches need to complete at least 5 holes to count as an official match, with adjustments made for rain-shortened matches.