Outing Rules

Golf Outing Rules & Regulations

  1. For all Golf Outings, the Group must have a Tournament Director who is the agent and representative of the Group and all the individuals in the Group. The Tournament Director shall be the contact person for the Group and shall have authority on behalf of the Group. The Tournament Director shall inform each player about the rules and regulations.
  2. Players should arrive at the golf course at least 30 minutes in advance. Players must complete the 18 hole round in 5 hours or less.
  3. There shall be no food or beverages brought on to the golf club property without the express written consent of the Manager. No coolers or other food and beverage containers will be permitted on the golf course.
  4. Each player must abide by all laws relating to alcoholic beverages. The Management reserves the right to refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to anyone for any reason.
  5. The Group may sell advertisements and/or signs to be placed on the golf course. All signs and advertisements are subject to the review and approval of the Golf Club at the sole discretion of the Golf Club. The Tournament Director shall be responsible for the installation and removal of all signs and advertisements of any sort. All shall be removed within one hour following the end of the golf round.
  6. Golf carts shall be operated in accordance with the rules placed on the cart itself and in accordance with the Golf Club’s rules. Cart operators shall follow cart paths. No one shall operate a golf cart any closer than 20 ft. to golf teeing areas or closer than 30 ft. from golf greens. Golf carts shall not be operated in areas which are roped or otherwise restricted. Power carts are for two (2) riders and two (2) bags.
  7. The Tournament Director and each player within the golf group is responsible to follow golf etiquette, and is responsible to conduct him or herself in a reasonable and safe manner. The Tournament Director and each of the players of the Group are responsible for the safety of all individuals and for the safety of the Group.
  8. Proper golf attire is required at all times. Cutoffs, gym shorts or short shorts, tank tops, halter tops, beach attire, lugged soled shoes and other inappropriate dress will not be permitted.
  9. The Golf Club reserves the right to cancel engagements at any time where the rules of the Club are not observed or where the nature of the function is not acceptable to the Club.
  10. The Tournament Director and each of the players are responsible for the enforcement of these rules and regulations among the Group. By signing this form, the Tournament Director acknowledges that (s)he has explained this responsibility to each player.