Preferred Tee Times

Weekend Preferred Tee Times Program

*One member of each group must be an Overlook Inner Club Member*

The Overlook will offer a preferred Tee Time program for groups of Four Players wishing to reserve a specific day and time for weekend play. A non-refundable administrative fee of $200.00 will be charged for each group of 4 Players. New applications will be accepted beginning March 6th. The program is an in-season program (beginning Sat. April 29th and ends Sun. Oct. 8th).

Note: To reserve a preferred time on weekends prior to or following the above dates, groups must inform the Pro Shop by phone or in person 7 or more days in advance. (Actual Tee Times may be adjusted due to daylight time, special events or weather conditions.)

Each participating group must be comprised of 4 players with a Captain serving as the contact person for the Group and The Overlook Golf Club. The captain is responsible for the following:

  1. Payment of all fees associated with the program, including cost of fees for slots not properly cancelled that cannot be filled by the Overlook.
  2. Proper notification of The Overlook Golf Club regarding cancellation or adjustment to the number of players on a given day (The Overlook reserves the right to fill open spots as they become available).
  3. Providing their name, address, and current Credit Card information to The Overlook.

Cancellation Policy

The Preferred Tee Time Program assumes groups of Four Players. Any changes in the number of players for the week must be made with the Pro Shop (603-465-2909) no later than 5:00 PM on Thursday of that week. The group is responsible for all 4 player green fees associated with their tee time slot unless proper notification is given to The Overlook per the Cancellation Policy. We sincerely appreciate your loyalty and business throughout the year and ask your cooperation in the 2023 Season.