The Overlook League Rules, Structure, and Scoring

Rules For  Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday 5:00 P.M. Shotgun League (earlier for practice week, playoffs, and Scramble Banquet)

The Overlook Course Rules, League Rules, Structure, and Scoring


Tee Assignments/Matches

Blue Tees: Pebble Beach (MNL), Overlook (WNL)

White Tees: All other divisions

Gold Tees: 65 or older (1 point higher adjustment from white tees)

Red/Forward Tees: Women and Seniors 75 years of age or more

You can choose the tees you prefer(based on age) at the beginning of each section, no switching once the section or half begins.

Ball is played as a preferred lie in your own fairway (1 club length)


Course Rules: 

No Coolers allowed.

Golf appropriate shirts, shorts and shoes

The cost for league includes your nine-hole fee from 3:30 on.

There is additional cost of $11 to play from 130 to 3:30. (regular green fee before 1).

Cart fee per rider from 1 to 330 is $20.00. ($11 early fee is waived after 3:30PM)

Cart fee per rider after 330 is $15.00.

2 Riders only per electric cart. Separate Fee per person applies. 


  No Practicing on the course. 

To help remedy excessive damage to the golf course please do not practice on the course. Hit one shot off the tee (unless it is a provisional), hit one shot into the green and do not hit multiple iron shots from the rough and fairway. Please use the chipping area for practice. The net is also available to loosen up and get ready for your match.

Please repair ball marks and replace divots. 

  No Jumping around and cutting in front of golfers.

Public golfers and fellow league players are constantly being cut in front of and are not happy.

no jumping around on the course. A tee time and starters slip are required for all players playing a half hour before shotgun start.  Everyone is to start on #1 and play sequential holes no skipping to open holes. Starting on #10 also may be possible if there are no players on #9. One half hour prior to shotgun start, players can walk or ride out to their starting holes; a starters slip is only required for riders.  Please be mindful of golfers trying to finish their round before the shotgun.

(At completion of match do not pick up walkers to “give a ride to the clubhouse.” This is dangerous and could result in loss of cart privileges)

Return golf cars prior to posted time to the cart return area

Always observe golf car restrictions (signs-paths-ropes-etc.)

Pace of Play

The pace of play during league rounds should be 2.5 hours or less. Please keep up with the group in front of you. In order to maintain this pace the following guidelines should be followed:

Play “ready golf” – Hit your next shot when it is safe to hit regardless of who is away.

- All league players should arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to ensure they are at their assigned tee for start time.

- Do not tee off from your assigned first tee until the starter has signaled with a single blast from air horn.

- If you are not playing for at least a bogey, pick up and score 0 points for that hole

Teams that repeatedly play at more than a 2.5 hour pace will have 2 points deducted from their overall standings each week they are behind. Any slow play should be reported to the pro shop ASAP or upon completion of the match.



The basic format for the league is a 2-player team point quota. The league capacity is 128 players; with 8 divisions of 16 players. Each division is its own sub league, with 8 teams of 2 playing each other throughout the season a total of 2 times. Each team is assigned to a specific division. Teams play against other teams within that division for the season. Divisions are set up to match teams with similar abilities or team total quota points that are close to the same. Each match is essentially three matches in one. There are two individual matches against each player on the opposing team and one team total match against the same team. Players with highest assigned individual quota play as “number one” (top of card) will play a match against the opposing team player “number one” and players assigned as number two (bottom of card) will play a match against each other. There is also a team match using combined team points. Each of these matches is worth 1 point in the overall combined total. Each night the team’s goal should be to achieve the most points possible through individual matches and as a team. (Points are what you earn as a result of the matches; do not confuse this with your quota). A more detailed description of quota points, match points and bonus points is explained under the scoring heading.


The first night will be a match for fun, against your division, for most points as a team above quota. This fun night is for returning players to warm up and for new players to get acquainted with the league. There are game weeks scheduled at the end of each section for proshop prize money. We may change the format for the scheduled game nights at the end of each section. These nights may be used as rain make-ups if needed. If the game nights are used as a make-up; the game will be combined with the make-up match. The winning prize breakdowns will be determined by the size of the league. In each division there will be a total of 14 regular season matches. These matches are divided into 2 sections of 7 matches each; with a prize payout at the end of each section. The team(s) with the most points per section wins that section and will earn 1st place prize money. Prize money will also be awarded for 2nd place in each division for both sections. When section 2 begins all team points will be reset to zero and all teams will have a chance to win the new section. Any ties at the end of each section will split the prize money.



The 3-week single elimination playoff format is back this year! All teams will participate in the playoffs. After the sectional matches are completed there will be 3 weeks of single elimination playoffs to determine the overall champion in each division. For the playoffs, each team will be ranked based on cumulative points from all the matches during the regular season. This total includes each individual match, team match and bonus points. All ties for seeded positions and playoff matches will be decided by previous matches between the tied teams during the regular season. The team with the better record from the sectional matches will get the higher seed. In the first bracket, #1 seed will play #8 seed and #4 seed will play the #5 seed. During the second week of playoffs, the winners will play each other as part of the first bracket. In The second bracket, seed #2 will play seed #7 and seed #3 will play seed #6. The winners will play each other, in week two, to complete the second bracket. In week 3 of the playoffs the remaining team from each bracket will compete for league playoff champion! Teams eliminated during the playoffs can play on there designated night on assigned holes during the remaining playoff weeks of league. 

There is a scramble/banquet scheduled after the playoffs. This may get pushed back a week if any of the playoff matches get rained out. The scramble is part of the total league dues and includes; 9-hole scramble, half cart (for that night only), prizes, and the banquet.

A schedule for all matches will be posted prior to the first scheduled week of league; scorecards, match pairings and tee assignments will be posted outside the pro shop prior to each scheduled league night


 The team maximum amount of points for any match is 3 points + bonus points earned

The points are earned for each single match and the team match. The team earns 1 point for each individual match and 1 point for the team combined points match. Any ties earn a half point each. The individual bonus points are earned by scoring the following: 1 to 4.5 points above quota earns a ½ point bonus toward the standings. 5 points or more over quota earns 1 extra point. If you finish equal to, or within a ½ point of quota, no bonus points are earned. The bonus points come in very handy in the team overall point count.


Scoring will be based on the point quota system; individual point quotas are calculated based on the player’s handicap. (Minimum Quota is 3 points) If a player does not have an index, a calculation will be made based on the player’s scoring history for 18 holes. All individual and team quotas will be adjusted weekly based on the results of their play ** New players without an established handicap will start at minimum of 5 quota points or higher based on their ability. They may be adjusted up or down faster than normal for the first few weeks based on their play. Players can only go as low as the league minimum of 3 points.


All point quotas will be scored and adjusted weekly as follows:


Eagle: 4 Points Birdie: 3 Points Par: 2 Points Bogey: 1 Point

Double Bogey: 0 Points (pick up ball)

· Enter only points scored on each hole on the scorecard and total.

· Do not put strokes on each hole just the points made.

· Please start scoring on the first hole of the printed scorecards not the hole assigned to your team in the shotgun


Weekly adjustments are made to the player’s established quota as follows:


1. Finish even or within a half point plus or minus, quota remains the same.

2. Finish at plus 1 to plus 4.5, quota will increase by one half point.

3. Finish at plus 5 or more, quota will increase by 1 point.

4. If you are plus 4 after 8 holes and make a double bogey or more on your last hole, quota will increase by 1 point.

5. Finish at minus 1 or more, quota will decrease by one half point.


*Adjustments will be applied the following week

No Shows

Teams must have two players in order to earn the maximum 3 match points. If one of the players cannot make the match, an approved substitute may be used. At least one original player from the team must be present to earn points. Players from any of The Overlook’s 3 shotgun leagues are eligible to substitute. This will allow for a more accurate quota allowances because they will play at the quota established from their normal night. This also gives a benefit to the players who joined and paid a fee to be in our leagues. We will post a sub list in the front hallway in the pro shop. It is up to you to find a sub. If you have not found a sub by 4:00 pm on that evening, call the proshop and we will pair you with available walk - ins or last minute people who call in asking to sub. This will be done on first come first served basis. Anyone willing to sub, please call the pro shop as early as you can so we can find a spot for you.

Approved Substitute List


Any player who is not available for a scheduled match may use a substitute to play in his/her place, (league payments must be current). Players are responsible to find his or her sub. A sub list will be available in the pro shop. The pro shop will try to make arrangements for you using walk- ins or subs that may call in at the last minute.


1. Eligible substitutes must be Overlook Shotgun League Players or Friel Golf employees with a valid GHIN handicap.

2 Substitutes must print their first and last name on their scorecard

3. Substitutes will compete against the opponent with the quota closest to their own, with no regard to the player being replaced.

4. Substitutes are not eligible for bonus points.

5. Subs are eligible for the playoffs, but cannot earn bonus points

6.Subs play from the tees their quota was established.


If one player does not show for a match and no substitutes are available, the following applies:

o The player without an opponent will earn 1 point for his match

o His partner plays a match against his assigned opponent.

o The team point quota is determined by the remaining players individual point qouta plus 3 points.

o The team can earn a maximum of 2 team points plus any bonus points earned

Teams that play matches with one opponent from each team and no subs follow these rules:

* If players that show are assigned to play each other, they play for a total of 2 points; 1 for the match against each other and 1 as a team match. Individual quotas will be used for the team match. Players are eligible for individual bonus points.


* Players that show for a match and are not assigned to play each other will get 1 point automatically for individual matches and will play for 1 additional point for the team match, using individual quotas. The individual that wins the team match can earn up to 2 points total. Both players are eligible for individual bonus points.


Teams that play a match with no opponents, on a given night, must play at least 5 holes to earn the automatic 3 points and are not eligible for bonus points. If only one player of 4 is present, 5 holes must be completed, but only 2 points can be earned with no bonus points available to the 1 player who is present

Rain Policy

If inclement weather is forecast we will try to cancel the league by 3:30 that afternoon. You may call the proshop after 3:30 or check the website: for updates. Give the proshop your cell phone number if you like to get league updates via text messages. In a lot of instances, even though league gets cancelled you still may go out and play as long as the course is playable. So, you may want to show up any way, especially on the days when a bad forecast is questionable.


We will use the scheduled  Holidays to make up rained out matches if needed.

We will make up the rained out match the following week. Up to 2 matches per section.

In the case of rain shortened matches the following  procedure will be in effect:

1. Must complete at least 5 holes to count as an official match.

2. 5 to 7 holes completed 2/3 of your quota will be used.

3. After 7 holes completed full quota will be used.

No quota adjustments will be made for rain shortened matches

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